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A Hope for Easter

Jared Kirkwood

I have an 8 month old son who is obsessed with the TV remote.  I even bought him a toy remote that sounds like you are changing the channel, but it didn’t fool him. Now that he has started crawling, one of the greatest joys in my day is coming home, sitting on the floor, and waiting for him to crawl over to me.  His smile leaks drool all over the carpet as he approaches.

Clawing up my shirt, wiping his nose on the way to a standing position, there is very little in this world greater than your kid crawling all over you in complete joy just to be with you again.

But then something happens.

His attention quickly shifts from touching my scruffy face to the TV remote on the coffee table.  Like a puppy who just spotted a chew toy, my son is done with me and onto something else.  This is the point I realize that I was being used…

He is not tall enough to reach the coffee table where he knows the remote lives.  I sit on the ground and he has been presented the perfect launching point to get what he really wants.  I am nothing more than a footstool that makes goofy noises to earn a smile.

Isn’t it frustrating when we are a stepping stone for something else?  Its even more frustrating when I realize my relationship with God is often reduced to this.

The good news is that my son doesn’t know any better and I love him all the same.  I think that we know better.

Lets make a deal with each other today: avoid using God to get what you want in life.  More money, a less stressful job, and less homework are not what you need.  Simply put, lets enjoy God for the Father that he truly is, sitting on the floor with us excited to be together again.