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for the curious about life and leading others

Are You The Next Lance Armstrong?

Jared Kirkwood

7 Tour de France Titles. An Olympic Bronze medal. A platform larger than any cyclist in history. Gone.

Lance Armstrong is an incredible athlete born to compete. His natural talent, physiology, and competitive drive got him to the top of his sport. But the recent doping accusations could take all that away. This is a story of one man's ambition being placed higher than anything else in life. The pressure to win may have cost him more than his titles: it could cost him his character.

I work at a large church that demands performance. We run at a face pace and, to be honest, I love it. My fear for those who work in a position similar to mine is that we will allow the ambition of our work (even if it's a good ambition) become greater than our integrity. You and I cannot allow our competitive drive, our desire for success, or however you think you are justifying your actions to trump our character. You are gifted, you are talented, quite possibly you were born for the position you are in right now, but remember that you are not alone. The weight of the Kingdom does not sit on your shoulders alone.

A leader does not allow unbridled ambition to get the best of their integrity.

Are you the next Lance Armstrong? Will you stop at nothing to achieve your goal?

For further reading I recommend Renovation of the Heart by Willard and Spiritual Leadership by Blackaby.