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Are You Writing a Good Story?

Jared Kirkwood

A good story captures our emotion like nothing else.  They have a way of communicating truths in a rich way that inspires us to live our lives differently.  There are 4 primary components to every story: protagonist, ambition, conflict and resolution.  Without each of these elements, the story won't sit right with us. It's interesting how much our lives are like stories.  We are the protagonist and we want something with our life.  In reality if we want something lame, our story will be lame.  But when we want something noble, bold, or powerful, our story will follow.  Ambition is what drives our story.  But good ambition will always be followed by conflict.

Every good story is filled with conflict.  This is where most of the story takes places, its where we see what the protagonist is made of, its where we get inspired to overcome obstacles and never give up.  We talked this weekend in junior high ministry about creating a good ambition for this school year so that each student has a great story when June comes around.  We spent most of our time talking about the conflict that is guaranteed to take place.  Consider it a gripping part of your story when things get tough, you feel like giving up, you are losing hope...but keep moving forward.

Your story is powerful.  We each have a story that is being written by the author of life.  What story is being written with your life?

(Donald Miller has some amazing material on the concept of should check him out here.)