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Creating a Successful Small Group Ministry

Jared Kirkwood

You mean I don't just make a flier, put some kids in a group, and let the magic happen? For whatever reason, small groups have become a burden to youth pastors.  We know that we are supposed to offer them, parents expect them, and something in our ministry would be missing with out them.  As mentioned in the post below, I spoke at a youth workers conference on Saturday about creating a successful small group ministry.  Here is the approach I went with:

  • Small groups are good if they accomplish: community, relationship, and deeper faith in Jesus.
  • Small groups are significant if they are intentional and missional about shaping the culture around them.

My hope is to model our small group ministry after Jesus, in that he selected a group of boys and spent an intentional 3 years with them before handing over the keys to kingdom.  We must ingrain the mission of God into our small groups and challenge them to change the world by the way they follow Jesus.