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Equipping Volunteers for Success

Jared Kirkwood

Developing leaders into who you need them to be is incredibly difficult. The spiritual growth of our students depends on committed leaders walking life with students, even when we are not around. So how do we equip them for success?

Its comes down to two questions: what do you need them to do AND who do you need them to be?

The first is about the core competencies you need them to know. 

  • Do they know your mission, vision, and values (do you?), can they build community within a group, do they have the skills necessary to lead an effective small group, how do they interact with parents, and are they capable of handling crisis situations?

Skill-based competencies are important because they are the fundamentals to making ministry happens. They are the foundation of life-change happening in your ministry.

But the more critical equipping that you can do for your leaders is about your culture. Who do you need your leaders to be?

  • We expect our leaders to have a daily walk with God, serve our students with excellence, love and respect each leader in an environment of teamwork, we have a learning spirit that anticipates the future, we are spiritual leaders of fun teams, and we consistently deliver results for the kingdom.

Our senior pastor says it this way, "culture is more important than vision." Culture is about behavior, attitude, and community - which is well beyond the things we need volunteers to do. What would it look like to invest in our volunteers at their core level who they are? To teach them to make decisions, rather then to accomplish tasks. To embody our values, rather than to go rogue. To fulfill our mission, rather than create their own.

Last thing: great leaders equip their volunteers in such a way that they completely empower them to make the ministry their own. When you have developed your volunteers in this way, there is nothing to be afraid of when considering releasing the ministry to them.

How are you equipping your leaders?