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Identifying New Leaders

Jared Kirkwood

Bringing new people on your team is an essential skill to leadership. New staff members bring incredible opportunity to refresh vision, raise team morale, and increase the momentum of your ministry. The problem is the great difficulty in finding the right person.

When identifying potential new people for my team, I ask 3 questions:

  1. Are they called? You and I both know that we could not do this job if God himself hadn't called us to do so. Every person on your team is the same way. Calling reveals passion. The person I want is passionate about who God has called them to be.
  2. Do they fit? Efficiency and results cannot be the basis for your new team member. Relationship, chemistry, and friendship are core essentials to being on my team. Lorne Michaels says in Bossypants to not hire someone you wouldn't want to run into the hallway at 3am. Simply put, I don't want to be around people that take energy from me. Strong leaders know that fit is more important than function.
  3. Will they live out your values? I work best with people who are committed to learning, are team-oriented, and are servants. Everyone on my team not only understands this, they embody it. Anyone I am looking to bring on must do the same or it will negatively effect the culture I am creating. Henry Cloud states that leaders are always doing two things: creating culture or allowing culture. By clearly stating your values, encouraging team members when you see them live out those values, and staying committed to what you believe in the hiring process, you are creating the culture you want to lead.

I realize that not everyone has the opportunity to hire people within their ministry. How might these principles play out with your volunteers or student leaders?


Up Next: what do I do once I have brought someone new on my team? Help them discover who God has called them to be!