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The Secret to Slowing Life Down


for the curious about life and leading others

The Secret to Slowing Life Down

Jared Kirkwood

There are specific moments that remind us how fast life is going. A graduation, significant birthdays, a health scare, and major life transitions to name a few. Its in those moments that we ask ourselves, “where has the time gone? How did I get myself here? Where is all of this heading?"

Last week my family and I embarked on a new chapter: my oldest son started Kindergarten. He strapped on his backpack, hopped on his scooter, and made his way down the street to school.

As we walked with him I was emotional thinking about the last 5 years. The time we had as a family. The time he didn’t have to worry about social pressure, long days, and homework. I looked back at the freedom we had for vacation and slow mornings. I thought about how his imagination would take him all over the world, with characters no one would understand but him.

Life is going so fast. How do we make sense of what to do moving forward? Often times major life transitions and big decisions can be debilitating. They can stop us in our tracks.

It's in those moments you have to look back to see forward.

What got you to where you are today?
Who were the people in your life that impacted you the most?
What experiences both positive and negative have influenced your character, career, or purpose?

Looking back provides clarity, meaning, and insight into who we truly are. Our past has a way of revealing things about us that we cannot see in the fog of daily life. Reflection is the cool breeze that clears the air, opening the way for deeper understanding. There may be something from your childhood, your neighborhood, or your friendships that can shed a light into your circumstance.

None of that can happen unless we slow down. Life is moving so fast because we are reacting to whatever is thrown at us. You have the power to pause; to create a space of reflection that could make all the difference in the moments that remind us how fast life is going. You don’t have to spend a lot of time doing this, even just a couple of minutes. There is a reason your rear-view mirror is in your car, but also why it is significantly smaller than your windshield.

As I watched my son walk into his Kindergarten class, an image flashed in my mind of him walking across a stage to receive his high school diploma. What seems like a lifetime from now I know is only a few moments away.

Am I ready for this next chapter? Probably not. But a simple reflection on our walk to school gave me the space to be grateful and to remember how proud I am of him. Even though I am struggling through it, he is ready.

What would change in your life if you paused right now to reflect?

Imagine having the power to slow life down just for an instant, but one that could make all the difference.