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What Every Leader Should Do Whenever Possible

Jared Kirkwood

In working with staff and volunteers, I have come to realize how important intentional leadership is necessary.  These are the 3 things that I try to do at every event, camp, and weekend service for my team.

  1. Encourage: be your team’s biggest fan.  Motivate and create energy by lifting people up higher than when they showed for your event.  Make them feel better about themselves just for being there.  This attitude will then be passed to your students, creating an environment of encouragement.
  2. Affirm: whenever you see something done in the way that matches your ministry’s vision, take 10 seconds to affirm that person.  Affirm the leader engaging the student sitting alone, the leader welcoming by the door, the person who gave a great announcement or led a game well, affirm your guest speakers, or the student leader who included a new student into their group of friends.  Affirming an action that reflects your vision will guarantee it will be done again.
  3. Coach: when someone is not quite operating in the way you had hoped, take a minute to course-correct with a simple coaching moment.  The key to this is to still keep it positive.  This is not a time to reprimand or take out months of frustration on a leader.  You cannot change a leader overnight, instead, give consistent feedback that gradually develops the people on your team.

The trick to leading this way is recognizing the importance of how all three work together.

I am pretty sure that I read a list like this on someone else’s blog, maybe Josh Griffin’s, so thanks.  This stuff really does work.