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Getting the right speaker for an event can be difficult.  Whether its a conference, workshop, camp, or training event, you have worked hard to get people there and you need a speaker you can trust.  As a leader I have spent years creating events that depend on a speaker with charisma, confidence, and content worth listening to. I consider speaking one of the greatest thrills in life.  My hope is to serve you by providing quality content with a delivery-style that leaves people inspired, challenged, and ready to act.

I have spoken to a wide range of audiences including:

  • National Youth Workers Conference
  • Global Teen Summit in Sri Lanka
  • Higher Calling (Campus Crusade for Christ)
  • Ignite Teams at Biola University
  • Expontential Conference
  • Turn Your Campus
  • Pinecrest Christian Camp
  • Extreme Youth Camp in Austria
  • Capo Valley Christian School
  • Drive-Thru Leader Training
  • The Institute at Nebraska Christian College

My experience is primarily teaching in a church, camp/retreat, conference, or training settings about leadership development, biblical concepts, or emerging adulthood. When considering me as a speaker for your event, here are my most requested topics:

  • Leadership Development: 
    • building effective ministry teams
    • equipping volunteers for the work of the ministry
  • Emerging Adults (read: Millennials!)
    • clarity and confidence to live a great life
    • identity formation and discovering what makes you unique
    • cultivating dreams and curiosity that pave the way for a meaningful life
  • Camps, retreats and church messages
    • I can get excited about almost anything...lets talk!

If you'd like to see a teaching sample from Mariners Church, follow a links below!

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A Voice in the Wilderness


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